Be An Employee At Ağaoğlu

The reflection of the “Architect of Life” philosophy of Ağaoğlu Corporate Group within the group is the "family" concept.

Ağaoğlu Corporate Group is a family comprised of individuals who have adopted this concept as an indication of foresight in harmony and cooperation, who can combine the future of the employer organization with their own tomorrows and who create value in every work.

The main principles of the Human Resources Management implementations constituting an integral part of the “Starategic Management” approach and closely monitoring developments in Human Resources Management in Ağaoğlu Group of Companies in parallel with developments in the world:

Harmony and Development: To provide the group with the trained and professional human resources that can implement the philosophy, vision, mission and principles of Ağaoğlu, develop themselves, their teams and company, follow up and implement technological developments.

Dynamism: To allow group companies to maintain dynamic their organizational structures in line with their strategic plan and targets and to maintain ready for changes. 

Maximum Performance: To develop individual and team performance with continuous quality improving processes and systems with an aim to direct the management force towards group targets and use human resources in the most efficient and productive manner.

Today of our employees: To provide a modern, comfortable and safe work environment for employees..

Tomorrow of our employees: To provide career development opportunities for employees. 

Personal development: To provide a work environment where employees can continuously learn, experience and grow with the belief that individual development is directly reflected on business development.


"Human" is the priority of Ağaoğlu. In terms of human resources, general management principles basing on common corporate values are combined within the framework of leadership, reputability, quality, participatory management, flexibility, value creation and authorization concepts. Ağaoğlu values and general management principles form the basis of human resources implementations.

  • Only leader people create leader organizations; only leader organizations feed and support employee creativity.
  • Only organizations formed by reputable people can maintain and convey their reputability in to the future.
  • The quality of work is determined by the quality of employees. Efficient and productive participation of different skills conveys the organization to the future.
  • Flexibility at a level not to negatively effect the philosophy strengthens it.
  • Authorization entitled to examine and evaluate the skill increases the skill and its value.