Residence Projects

Maslak 1453 İstanbul - Maslak Sales in progress
  • Start date: August 2012
  • Delivery date: Under construction
New age, new sense, new standard.

Rising as one of the largest projects of the history of the Republic, Maslak 1453 Istanbul is a city in itself with a shopping center, 1453-m long avenue, theater hall, art gallery, and many other recreational areas.

Maslak Mah. Akasya Sokak 34485  Sarıyer  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
My Home Maslak - Maslak
  • Start date: August 2011
  • Delivery date: February 2014
Ağaoğlu signature in Maslak

Ağaoğlu brings a new life style to the financial and business center of Istanbul, Maslak with the 30 years experience and quality of Ağaoğlu. 

Maslak Mah, Hadım Koruyolu Cad. 34398  Sarıyer  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
My World Europe - Başakşehir
  • Start date: September 2010
  • Delivery date: April 2013
Ideal harmonization of traditional country house style with modern architecture...

My World Europe is located on an area of approximately 200 decares neighboring the Ataturk Olympic Stadium at Başakşehir-Ayazma. Ağaoğlu My World Europe was designed to answer all needs of the segment capable of purchasing houses for living and investment purposes likewise other Ağaoğlu projects in the past.

Ziyagökalp Mah. 2765. Sok. 34490  Başakşehir  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
Andromeda Gold - Ataşehir Sales in progress
  • Start date: July 2010
  • Delivery date: July 2013
More than just a building, it is a work of art, even a masterpiece...

Located at a walking distance to the Istanbul International Financial Center, Andromeda Gold is truly a masterpiece with a breathtaking view of the Prince Islands, concierge services, sky villas and amazing architecture...


Ataşehir Atatürk Mah. Meriç Cad. 34758  Ataşehir  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
My Towerland - Ataşehir
  • Start date: June 2010
  • Delivery date: December 2012
Last gift of Ağaoğlu to Ataşehir: My Towerland

"Architect of life" Ağaoğlu is moving your expectations from the life style you dream of one step further. It is starting a brand new project in Ataşehir, one of the most important residence centers of Istanbul: My Towerland.

Ataşehir Atatürk Mah. Meriç Cad. 34758  Ataşehir  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
My Town - Ispartakule
  • Start date: November 2009
  • Delivery date: April 2011
For those who are “in” if it is Ağaoğlu…

"Architect of Life" Ağaoğlu enters into the European side one more time with its second project; it brings a different life stye to Europe again… Ağaoğlu that designs not only residences but different living spaces adding value to life, constructs a brand new life for you in Ispartakule with My Town Project.

Tahtakale Mah. O -3 Kuzey Yan Yolu 34325  Avcılar  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
My City - Bahçelievler
  • Start date: March 2009
  • Delivery date: April 2011
You are at the real center of the city.

Safe site living at the first project of Ağaoğlu on the European side, My City Bahçelievler.

Abdurrahman Nafiz Gürman Mah. Mehmet Akif Cad. 34173  Bahçelievler  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
My Roseville - Çekmeköy
  • Start date: July 2006
  • Delivery date: June 2009
Nested with nature, beyond your dreams...

Ağaoğlu, which is the architect of the projects located at the most significant centers of Istanbul, adding value to the city, creates a new life in Cekmekoy now. My Roseville comes into life as the most exquisite project of Çekmeköy.

Çekmeköy Merkez Mah. Turcan Sok. Kemerdere Mevkii 34782  Çekmeköy  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
My World - Ataşehir
  • Start date: October 2005
  • Delivery date: September 2008
You are the center of the world now...

A perfect architectural design, various kind of social activities, a world with a complete technological infrastructure and security facilities… This is My World, Ataşehir.

Barbaros Mah. Halk Cad. Ihlamur Sok. 34746  Ataşehir  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
My Country - Çekmeköy
  • Start date: May 2004
  • Delivery date: August 2006
The ideal integration of traditional country house and modern architecture...

A new life style, beyond only a new house... Away from the chaos of the city, in a natural environment, but with all the comforts of an urban life...

Hamidiye Mah. Barış Yolu Cad. 34782  Çekmeköy  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
My Town - Ümraniye
  • Start date: September 2003
  • Delivery date: August 2005
A perfect living project at the heart of Istanbul...

In Ağaoğlu My Town where you can have all the social facilities that a modern urban person needs, no details concerning your welfare, security and happiness were skipped.

Ihlamurkuyu Mah. Gümüşsuyu Cad. 34771  Ümraniye  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
My Home - Çengelköy
  • Start date: July 2003
  • Delivery date: December 2004
An fascinating village house in the middle of Istanbul…

We intended to vitalize a dream, a life profile from the past when we shaped Ağaoğlu My Home project. Now, we experience the happiness of making dreams come true.

Çengelköy Mahallesi Kaldırım Caddesi 34680  Üsküdar  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
My Dream - Altunizade
  • Start date: May 2003
  • Delivery date: June 2004
A green oasis of dreams right in the middle of the city...

My Dream is one of the best project for today's conditions with its modern architecture, competent construction technology and many social activities that an urban individual needs.

Burhaniye Mahallesi Tunuslu Mahmut Paşa Caddesi 34676  Üsküdar  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
My Village - Samandıra
  • Start date: September 2000
  • Delivery date: September 2003
Everything you will love to call "mine" is about to enter in your life...

Ağaoğlu My Village is a unique settlement with 5-storey residences and triplex villas in Samandıra, very close to central points of Istanbul.

Samandıra Abdurrahman Gazi Mh., Rahmet Caddesi 34855  Sancaktepe  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY
My City - Ümraniye
  • Start date: December 1999
  • Delivery date: November 2000
Completely Urban My City…

Approximately 600 families live a privileged life in the first Ağaoğlu project, My City Ümraniye. In My City, where a quite atmosphere is created with green areas, the future of the site dwellers is constructed on solid foundation with the high construction technology.

Çakmak Mahallesi Tavukçu Yolu Caddesi 34774  Ümraniye  /  İSTANBUL   TURKEY